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Oil cooling machine daily maintenance video teaching

  Regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are conducive to a longer operation. This video is shot by Walter to teach the daily maintenance of oil cooling machine. Welcome to learn:


Oil cooler factory owner Walter:

1. Start the oil cooler. From March to November every year, operators are required to start the oil cooling machine in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It is stipulated that the oil cooling machine should be started when each shift of equipment is started.

2. Observation of oil coolers. The oil cooler is set with a certain refrigeration temperature value. The operator should pay attention to the display value of oil temperature when operating the equipment. When the oil temperature is higher than the set value for a long time, the operator should report the situation to the maintenance in time.

3. Clean the fuel tank. When the oil cooler operates for about 2 weeks, the oil drain port of the oil tank should be opened to drain oil, so as to remove the water entering the bottom of the oil tank sink. The cooling coil of LO-C unit should be cleaned regularly to prevent cooling capacity reduction. Avoid damaging the cooling coil and clean the bottom of the tank completely.

4. Clean the air filter. Clean the air filter every two weeks (at least once a week when the environment is bad). When cleaning, first remove the filter screen, with a vacuum cleaner or air spray gun to remove dust. When dirt is serious, the air filter should be cleaned with warm water and neutral detergent with a temperature not exceeding 40℃. After cleaning should be air-dried moisture, and then put back to its original place.

5. Regular inspection. According to the cleaning degree of oil, regularly check, clean oil filter screen, in order to prevent dirt blockage.

6. Clean the surface of the unit. When the surface of the unit is dirty, use neutral detergent or high-quality soapy water to scrub with soft cloth. Do not use petroleum, acid solvents, grinding powder, steel brush and sandpaper to prevent surface damage.

7. Check before reuse. After being placed for a long time and reused or used for a long period of time, check whether the heat exchanger of oil cooling machine is blocked by dust and dirt. If necessary, use dry compressed air, vacuum cleaner or soft brush to clean the surface. Take care not to damage the fin of the heat exchanger while doing this work.

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